Libby Patrick

Author / Speaker
Life Coach / Mentor

More Will Never Be Enough!

Enough is not about more stuff or quick fix solutions for the empty feeling in our lives.

Fixing emptiness is hard work and it starts with you!
Libby Patrick has a message to share after years of helping people work through their emotional attachment to the STUFF in their home.

If you give value to people more than things you will have less regrets!

  • Libby tells it like it is in a unique and funny way. Using stories from her childhood and as Owner / CEO of a downsizing company.
  • She urges people to stay out of the landfill in life. Been there, done that, don’t want to go back.
  • She helps you clear out the clutter in the “rooms” of your heart and mind so you can find what really matters.
  • Gets you to what she calls The Goldilocks Sweet Spot Life ~ Not too much, not too little, it’s just right.

About Libby

Libby Patrick built a thriving successful downsizing company from the ground up using her experience of over 25 years as a social worker helping others be successful in life.

After years of seeing the emotional attachment people have to the overwhelming amount of content in their home Libby found an important idea that needed to be shared: “You will not find your significance or happiness in material things.”

Libby Patrick became author of Miss Hoarder’s Secret as well as a speaker / mentor to help people understand that more will never be enough. She shares, ENOUGH is not about more stuff, it’s about working on yourself and leaving every person you meet better than you found them.

Her remarkable way of giving instant value to people is her unique trademark in life and business. 

Libby is currently working on her next book to be published later this year. She and her husband Nelson – retired DOL Federal Investigator live in Heath Ohio.n

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