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About Us

Owner / Founder ~ Libby Patrick didn’t grow up thinking about becoming a professional organizer. In fact she says, “My two older sister’s threw my stuff out our shared bedroom window because they said I was a slob. Little did they know that I would grow up to be a neat freak who constantly cleans and sets a room in order. I will blame my life’s work on them. With over 20 years experience helping people with disabilities to organize their life and work space, I became aware that it was in my DNA to downsize stuff and organize space.”

In this new wave of transition, the number one question is, “What am I going to do with all my stuff?” Usually it’s an emotional time and it becomes overwhelming to make all the decisions alone.

In order to serve our clients better and make it easier to find us we rebranded our company formerly called One More You Transitions.

At Blue Robin Downsizing you will find a team of people who were selected with extreme care. People of highest integrity, with a strong desire to love and care for our clients and their belongings.

When we step in the door your worries are replaced with relief.

Give us a call: 740-706-1480

Book: Miss Hoarder's Secret

This lightly illustrated cautionary tale is written for readers of all ages who might be struggling to understand the cause and effects of hoarding. Although it deals with a serious subject don’t be surprised if you smile or laugh.

A Blue Bottle Calling: Search And Find What Really Matters In Ordinary Exceptional Moments Of Life

Have you lost the ability to look at life through the eyes of wonder? Most people live an ordinary life and dream about something better. But what if your ordinary life is filled with exceptional moments? This book will inspire you to search for and embrace what really matters in life: faith, value, and people. It calls you to be happy right now, instead of waiting on everything to be perfect. You will gain a fresh understanding of the power of living with hope. Along the way, you’ll enjoy funny, lighthearted stories and illustrations that portray how easy it is to fall into the bad habit of filling emptiness with worthlessness. It promotes well-being and a life of fewer regrets.This is a beautiful memoir!



When it's time to make a change | We help people live happier with less stuff



Downsizing is a must for many reasons. Usually it is due to health issues, a death in the family or perhaps a realization that “I have too much stuff and my children don’t want any of it.” We have project plans that make this process easier. 

Home Staging

Let us help you create a tasteful open flow to welcome potential buyers when they walk in the door.

Simplify each room by removing unwanted pieces. Add little touches of beauty here and there.

Senior Living Move

We are here to lend a helping hand.

When it is time to move mom or dad to senior living, when the kids live away and can’t help. We pull in the driveway with our box truck and become like family.  We pack, oversee move day, unpack and set things in order.  We take the stress out of the move.

Clearing out Vacated Property

People get in a spot when life changes up. They face a house full of stuff, empty of their loved ones. 

What seems impossible to you is what we do everyday. You don’t have to make any more calls – we will help you do this.

We don’t just organize your stuff, we provide services that start with the initial consultation to the removal of large pieces you want to sell or donate. We have business associates who will auction off contents for you if that is your desire.

Blue Robin Downsizing respects your confidentiality, we are insured and bonded.

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  • We work alongside you or alone to complete the task.
  • Create helpful solutions.
  • Give gentle direction on letting go of things to donate or sell.

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